Benefits of the HCG Weight Loss Program

The HCG diet has many benefits. People who follow the diet program are continually impressed by the incredible weight loss – up to 30 pounds in one month!  These results combined with absence of rebound weight gain are what makes the HCG diet so spectacular. No other diet offers these same results!

The HCG diet consists of a low calorie doctor-supervised diet plan which incorporates a naturally occurring hormone called HCG.  This unique combination of a low caloric diet and HCG results in decreased complaints of hunger, fatigue and moodiness common to many other diets. This diet ensures fat loss from the appropriate areas with no accompanying muscle loss.  HCG promotes the breakdown of fat in the most stubborn areas that have been out of reach for years. This fat breakdown can produce up to 1500 calories per day. It is because of these extra calories that you will not feel tired or hungry.

  1. The HCG Diet works quickly – results are almost instant. You can lose 30lbs in just 30 days!
  2. It is healthy – no pre-packaged foods that come loaded chemicals and preservatives.
  3. It is easy – the recipes are fast, easy to make and taste delicious.
  4. You won’t be hungry – the HCG suppresses your appetite, so you are physically comfortable during your weight loss.
  5. You won’t be tired – the HCG helps your body burn so much fat that your metabolism doesn’t slow down.  You will have plenty of energy to keep functioning in your busy life!
  6. It doesn’t require intensive exercise – exercise is important for our overall health, but it is a hard way to lose weight.
  7. It is safe – HCG is a natural, bioidentical hormone and not a dangerous weight-loss drug. Appetite suppressant pills have been found to have dangerous health consequences.
  8. No rebound weight gain – the majority of people keep the weight off long after the diet is over.
  9. It is effective for almost everyone – if you follow the recommendations you are almost certain to lose weight. No other diet has such a high success rate.
  10. HCG helps you lose fat where you need it most – for example the hips, thighs, and abdomen.
  11. The weight loss you experience on the HCG diet is a huge factor for enhancing optimal health – you will have a decreased risk for many long-term health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer.
  12. It has been tried, tested and refined for over 50 years!

Additional Benefits:

  • Clearer thinking
  • Reduces fat build up in the hips, butt and belly.
  • Normalizes appetite and cravings.
  • Balances the excretion of hormones.
  • Rebuilds the adrenals and normalizes the thyroid.
  • Balances out the fat distribution and provides a healthy fat layer over the entire body.

It can help with diabetes, rheumatism, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gout, peptic ulcers and IBS.

To learn more about the benefits of the HCG Diet and how you can get started on your own weight loss journey, call San Francisco HCG Doctor, Kristy Vermeulen, N.D. and schedule you consultation today!